Reuniting lost discs with their rightful owner:

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I’m not a member and found a Disc! How do I return a disc to a member at no cost to me?

  • Call / text the number on the back of the disc.
  • If they request that you use this service, go to RETURN DISC page and follow the instructions.
    • Search for member by the phone # or the PDGA #
    • Enter your information.
      • You will need to input your address for the return label to be valid for the USPS (we do not save this information)
    • Print the label
    • Tape it onto the disc and mail

How do I become a member?

  • Awesome and congratulations!
  • Go to the SHOP and purchase a mailing! (Coupon code “New_23”)
  • Make sure to update your shipping information (we use this on the label) and your Phone # / PDGA #
  • Order how many discs you would like to have on hand for retrieval (we will let you know when you only have 1 left)
  • You will receive notifications when a disc is sent to you with a tracking number!

I’m a golf course manager, how do I return a disc to a member at no cost to me!

  • Go to Course Login and register for an account!
  • Be sure to update your Shipping information (we use this for the label).
  • Return the disc(s) to the user(s)s from within your account.
    • Enter their phone # or PDGA #
    • Print the label (we use your stored shipping address and the stored members shipping address)
    • Tape it on to the disc
    • Mail it
  • Once we verify your course (check on U-Disc google searches, etc), we will remit payment on a regular frequency (Monthly)
  • Don’t to forget to update the profile fields with:
    • the name of your course
    • physical address (we understand the mailing address may be different from your physical address) so people know where you are located!
    • link to your website (etc.)

The reason we exist:

We believe that given the opportunity – people will do the right thing.


  • Call / message the phone number on the back of the found disc.
  • Give your best effort to return the disc.

If we can make doing the right thing easy, and affordable; people will return found discs to their rightful owners.

Our Mission
Fostering good will in the disc golf community by reuniting lost discs with their rightful owners at a reasonable price
Who we are
We are a group of disc golfers that are tired of losing discs when away from our home course. We would like to get them back!
What we do
Working with disc golf courses (and individuals) to reunite lost discs with their rightful owners.
The Story
It’s a beautiful afternoon. You break away from the world to get a round of Disc Golf in at your favorite course.
You are all warmed up, stretched, hydrated. You approach the tee box, execute your pre-throw warmup flawlessly. You feel good. You got this!
Bummer. You shanked it into the rough.
That was your favorite disc.
You spend the next 15 minutes looking in the underbrush, trees, where might it have gone based on where you though it went into the jungle.
You succumb to the realization that that underbrush was really the entrance to interdimensional portal that transported your disc to the land of the lost.
The Text:
A week later, you are back in the real world and receive “the text”.
“Hey – I found your disc on hole 5 in the woods! Let me know how to get this back to you!”
Huzzah! There is a chance you are getting your favorite disc back. All your searching for a replacement has been futile. Either the store doesn’t carry that disc in that color / weight, and any replacement isn’t as trained as the $20.00 one you just lost. There is hope on the horizon!
For whatever reason, you just can’t find a time, date or location that works for both of you.
The finder may have gone home and sent the text, or you were playing a new course far enough away from your home that it would cost more in gas / time to get the disc back, or you work nights and they work days. Whatever the reason, the two of you just can’t meet up to get you favorite disc back.
Can you print a label?
If you receive a pre-paid label, can you just print it out, attach it to the disc and stick it in the mailbox?
All you have to do is print a label and stick it on the disc. Duct tape, packaging tape, painter’s tape… it doesn’t matter, just get it on the disc and place in the mailbox…I’ll get it. No cost to you!
Sure, I have a printer, or can get my neighbor / mother to print it. I’ll send it out this weekend.
AWESOME! Just go to and fill out the form. It is easy and takes less time to do it than the amount of time we have been texting trying to figure out when and where to meet. You are the best! Really appreciate it – you have no idea!
The Good Samaritan followed through with your request, went to, printed a label and you received your prized disc in a few days by the USPS.
Life is good.
As a thank you to the finder, the Good Samaritan, we will send them a coupon code for a discount to our service. We are working with other service providers (disc golf related) to extend a discount to their services or products for “doing the right thing” and getting the disc back to the rightful owner.
What about golf courses?
We are working with golf courses all over the United States to see how we can encourage and facilitate them sending the disc back to the rightful owner. At many courses, if you don’t pick up your disc after 30 days, they re-sell the disc for a few dollars. Usually, it’s $5.00 or so, and sometimes those discs never sell.
We don’t make a lot on this service, however it’s our hope to partner with golf courses for the benefit of the entire disc golf community. We will donate $2.00 per disc for each one they send back to members. These donations are to assist them in the maintenance and upkeep of the awesome courses we all enjoy.
It’s about doing the right thing and getting the Disc Back to the rightful owner.
Pricing / Costs
The more mailings you buy at one time, the less it is for you, and the less we make on providing the service. That’s all right with us.
  • 2 mailings = $18.99 ($9.50 per disc – shipped)
  • 3 mailings = $26.99 ($9.00 per disc – shipped)
  • 4 mailings = $33.99 ($8.50 per disc – shipped)
  • There will be an additional $1.99 (annual) service fee.
It’s all about getting that Disc Back to its rightful owner.
We pay $2.00 to participating Golf Courses for each disc they mail, so they can keep providing the upkeep to the courses for us to enjoy.
It costs about $6.00 to mail a disc from California to Florida via the US mail ($5.85 at the time of this update); a little less if states are closer, but not by much.

Use Coupon Code “NEW_23” to receive $2.99 off your first purchase!